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“Utilities’ GIS systems are not prepared for the grid of tomorrow. With highly inaccurate data and inadequate situational awareness, utilities need a GIS system that can handle the millions of devices operating in the network.”

GIS built for Energy

Awesense’s utility-focused GIS system was built for the modernized grid. We take utilities from standard GIS to Location Intelligence. Focusing on the IoT paradigm, Awesense provides utilities with a comprehensive and scalable GIS solution to visualize dynamic energy flow in the grid through millions of sensors and devices.

Existing GIS

Move Forward

The future of energy is a connected one. Awesense ingests data from all sensors and devices (smart-meters, SCADA, reclosers, IoT, etc.). And with a means of modelling and visualizing these connections between all physical assets, utilities will have unparalleled situational awareness, connectivity accuracy and analytical capabilities.

Distributed Energy Flow Intelligence

Connect your Teams

With the need to modernize and build resilience, it’s crucial that planners, operators, engineers and data teams know what is happening where. By visualizing the energy flow in every area of the grid, these teams can make effective data & location-driven decisions.

TGI GIS - Maps built for utilities.

TGI also provides:

  • Complete historical records of previous versions
  • Google Street View Integration
  • Ability to browse, search and trace energy flow data
  • Ability to send mobile work-orders to field teams directly from the GIS
  • GIS, Connectivity and Topology Correction Services
Data Processing

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