Engineered Intelligence Inc.

Asset Management

Engineered Intelligence enables grid management by accelerating data-driven decision making for power utilities. We offer power system software solutions that provide insights to minimize risk and create smarter investment decisions.

ENGIN™ is a transparent, single source of planning truth for utility providers. This data-driven platform automates the process of investment scenarios and forecasting, delivering ready-to-use analytics with objective risk analysis that leverages real science and expert-informed reporting. Study capabilities also let users analyze the information to reduce the risk of unexpected events and develop a plan to prevent future system disruptions.

Behind the easy-to-navigate interface is a robust asset management system that monitors the complex aspects of electric systems. ENGIN™ integrates seamlessly with Awesense’s data engine to produce a true grid connected economic risk topology, from the generating source to the end point load.

ENGIN was created by Engineered Intelligence Inc. (EII), a METSCO company. From the field to regulatory and back, the ENGIN™ team comes from a pedigree of utility providers and consulting organizations in the utility industry. Asset planning takes time, staff investment and historical knowledge – ENGIN™ is the solution.

The Awesense and ENGIN solutions come together to enable rapid grid data integration, and the ability to perform asset management on a wide range of devices and extended locations in the grid. Visualization capabilities from both solutions enhance the ability to understand grid dynamics and predict asset failure.