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Opening the doors to digitalization: Awesense partners with Nexxlon & Industriepark Werk Bobingen

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Awesense is delighted to announce that we are integrating the True Geospatial Intelligence (TGI) solution with Industriepark Werk Bobingen (IWB) along with the support from Nexxlon, our partner in Germany to kickstart a pilot project. As the energy transition accelerates, grid operators are now taking on more responsibility as they manage the distribution grid. By utilizing real-time high quality data, we are helping energy and industrial companies better understand their grid and accelerate the expansion of renewables and e-mobility.

While integrating renewables and EVs into behind the meter grids, the Awesense platform will help IWB track their facility’s energy performance, visualize energy flow across the grid and enable a better understanding of where issues are arising. We will be working closely with our client to develop a strategy to digitize and modernize the energy system of the industrial park to help reduce their carbon footprint and work towards their sustainability driven goals. We will create a digital representation of the facility’s electrical model using the TGI data engine, which will ingest data from various data sources to provide a real-time situational view of the network performance of the industrial park. Automated reports and dashboards can be created to better understand how IWB’s facility is performing across the organization with analytics that provide actionable insights to further build their decarbonization strategy. The platform will help IWB determine where gaps exist in sensing and monitoring capabilities so they can be rectified and more closely analyzed. With this recent project, the Awesense platform will be used to optimize the energy system in the industrial park, which has a high peak load, serving many large-scale industrial customers, and our data engine will be core to the facility’s modernization and sustainability goals.

At our core, we believe that digitalization is the first step to decarbonization. Our platform is the digital layer that can help build a digital energy future. Awesense has set itself the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 100 million tons by 2025. To get there, expanding our market in Germany with highly progressive customers and sustainability goals means we are contributing even further to our mission as a company.

As we expand our business in Europe, Nexxlon has been the ideal partner to help us implement our growth strategy with their strong regional presence and network of highly aggressive companies looking to modernize their energy systems

Karel Dietrich-Nespesny, President and COO of Awesense

With Nexxlon we have opened doors to a new level of digitalization. We are excited to be participating in this energy transition and to help others achieve their modernization goals one facility at a time.