Not wanting to toot our own horn too much here but Awesense has enjoyed some great recognition over the years and we thought we'd share some of the recent highlights.  Whether it's media coverage, an award or an invitation to speak at an event, it means a lot to us to know that people are taking notice of our work.  Many things motivate us here at Awesense - finding cool solutions to hard problems, reducing unnecessary carbon emissions,  improving the efficiency of one of the core components of the modern world.  (But an award is always nice too). Without further ado, here's the Awesense Trophy Case!

8th Annual European Smart Energy Awards - IoT Software & Tool Award

This award was adjudicated by 19 judges from European utilities, professional associations, technology vendors and other industry experts. It recognizes solution providers who offer a unique and compelling offering combining IoT & Software to the utility industry and was presented to Awesense in London, UK in 2017

Gartner 2016 “Vendor to Watch”

An excerpt from Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Energy and Utilities, 2016 Report:

“What makes Awesense cool — beyond sitting at the crossroads of the coolest general-purpose technology (IoT) and the hottest technology area in the utility sector (advanced analytics) — is the way it combines those technologies to offer a solution that is both technically feasible and commercially more affordable than traditional energy theft analytics solutions, which require AMI deployment. Unlike solutions that require comprehensive and expensive smart grid solutions, such as distribution SCADA or AMI, the Awesense solution can be deployed fast and is affordable even for the smaller problems for which more expensive solutions are cost-prohibitive.
The Awesense solution can be used with a limited set of in-grid sensors that are easily deployable to identify potential problem areas and subsequently focus on those. TGI Raptor sensors, unlike traditional current and voltage sensors that are static, are easily deployable and re-deployable on live lines without service disruption. They can identify a variety of events, such as power losses, meter malfunctions and tampering, and load imbalances. The data from sensors can be collected via a cellular network or self-healing mesh radio network.”


Vancouver Sun Article on BC Hydro and Awesense Success
An excerpt from Vancouver Sun article:

“…in 2011, B.C. Hydro launched a three-part plan to thwart thieves, adding metering on the grid to keep tabs on the power flowing to localized areas, using analytical tools to combine that data with smart meter data, and sending out an enhanced field investigation team to act on that information. In the 2015-16 fiscal year, the inspection team looked at 1,103 grow-ops. But of those, only two per cent weren’t paying their hydro bill. About two dozen B.C. Hydro staff, working with ex-law enforcement personnel and contractors, now run a complex system
that monitors power flow based on an inventory balance approach, similar to how a retailer continually compares receipts to shipments and to sales.”
“…Now, B.C. Hydro has permanently installed 4,000 check meters — TGI Raptor 3 sensors manufactured by Vancouver firm Awesense. These are hooked directly to overhead lines so staff can wirelessly and securely pinpoint where power is going. An additional 1,000 Raptors are moved around as needed.”

You can read the whole article over here, too!

Invited Speaker at India Smart Grid Week 2016 and 2017

India Smart Grid Week is a Conference cum Exhibition bringing together India’s leading Electricity Utilities, Policy Makers, Regulators, Investors and world’s top-notch Smart Grid and Smart City Experts and Researchers to discuss trends, share best practices and showcase next generation technologies and products. CEO Mischa Steiner was invited to Delhi as a guest speaker, co-presenting a session on Grid Optimization Through In-Grid Data Analytics with our local partner from Schneider Electric. Mischa was part of Canadian delegation participating in a India-Canada Smart Grid Workshop to share experiences, best practices and unique approaches to smart grid technology.

Mischa was invited back to the event in 2017 but had to attend remotely.

SmartGrid Canada Innovation Award 2015

SmartGrid Canada is a national organization dedicated to promoting a more modern and efficient electricity grid for the benefit of all Canadians. Each year, the Executive Committee of Smart Grid Canada awards members who have shown leadership in the Smart Grid area. In 2015 Awesense received an award in recognition of its leadership and innovation in T&D Products under the SME category.

Featured Speaker at 2015 IoT Things Expo in Silicon Valley

CEO Mischa Steiner was invited to speak about the impact of IoT on smart grids and the utility industry. This multi-industry event featured subject matter experts from many disciplines.  Mischa was selected as an authority in the Smart Grids track that explored the global challenge of providing adequate power to 7 billion people (and growing). The event explored how IoT will deliver efficiencies that may have seemed impossible just a few years ago.

Featured in Business In Vancouver - 2014 BC Tech

Awesense and CEO Mischa Steiner were featured in Business In Vancouver’s 2014 BC Tech edition. The article “Firms Cash In On Machine-to-Machine Motherload” forecasted M2M technology to become a $2 trillion industry in the next six years and it highlighted the “massive scale” of Awesense’s grid optimization efforts.

2013 Municipal Smart Grid Summit Vendor to Watch

Over 100 power utility executives from some of the largest and progressive municipals in North America spent three days collaborating with 40 leading smart grid technology vendors discussing emerging and current topics including: grid efficiency, energy management and data analytics. At the Summit’s conclusion, utility executives voted on three award categories and selected Awesense as the 2013 MSGS “Vendor to Watch” for its unique capabilities to reduce power losses.