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Grid Analytics and IoT Platform


Grid Analytics and IoT Platform

the TGI Platform

TGI - True Grid Intelligence - is a combination of software and IoT devices that helps utilities monitor their distribution network and find problems on the grid faster.

TGI Lite, combined with our suite of Raptor sensors, allows for an unprecedented level of insight into live grid conditions.

Data collected from devices out in the field lives within the easy to use, concise interface of TGI Lite, enabling fast energy balancing and basic grid monitoring.

TGI Aware is not only connected to every sensor deployed in your grid, it also understands the intricacies of the network it’s operating on. Track GIS changes over time, segment the grid according to your preferences, and understand the relationship between various grid elements in TGI’s clean interface.

TGI Aware also boasts powerful mesh networking tools, and is able to untangle the most complicated situations out there. 

A powerful mix of software, IoT devices and services, TGI Premium predicts where losses are
costliest and ROI is highest, then
gives investigative teams tools to
identify losses quickly and collect
evidence for legal and audit purposes. 

TGI Premium also boasts all the features available to Aware subscribers.


INtelligence for a truly smart grid


Awesense's TGI software provides an  accurate understanding of the distribution grid, and helps reduce outages and financial loss due to unknown losses and theft. TGI software offers a comprehensive and systematic approach, using true grid data to:

  • Provide situational awareness of high risk service areas 
  • Prioritize services areas that require investigation
  • Identify load and consumption anomalies
  • Identify and prioritize losses in the distribution grid
  • Automate intelligent energy audits
  • Identify and prioritize specific loads for further inspection


TGI can integrate data from multiple sources to perform its analysis:

  • Substation automation and distribution automation systems (SCADA)
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR) systems
  • Advance metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Meter data analytics (MDA) systems
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Customer Information Systems (CIS)
  • Asset Management Systems (AMS)

An important advantage of the TGI suite is that you don't need all these systems in place find losses. Our customers that do not yet have AMI have been able to reduce up to 50% of their losses less than 3 years. TGI can delivers results based on in-grid data even in grids with limited investment in smart technologies.

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TGI Raptor

The TGI Raptor series are portable, easily deployed high accuracy IoT sensors with integrated wireless communication. Designed to work with TGI software out-of -the-box, these sensors collect in-grid data which flows into the TGI software and helps utilities: 

  • Identify and measure power loss from many types of diversions 
  • Identify commercial and industrial meter malfunctions and installation problems 
  • Increase efficiency of phase and load balance analysis 
  • Efficiently verify meter tampering flags and alerts using risk-based metrics 

The TGI Raptors are designed for easy deployment and re-deployment on live electrical cables to measure and report on live line loading conditions.  Single-phase raptors can be installed and removed from the ground by a single person, without service disruption. Readings are viewable immediately on your laptop or tablet.



TGI Raptors transmit collected data via cellular network or self-healing RF Mesh radio network.  The cellular schedule is automatically optimized based on power consumption and battery levels. 

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  • High accuracy current and power factor readings
  • Rugged design and re-chargeable battery harvests power from the line.  
  • Records data at user-defined intervals for periodic cellular transmission or local wireless collection. 
  • Can be installed permanently in key locations.
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  • High accuracy current readings (1% from 0.1 to 400 amps)
  • Records data at user-defined intervals for periodic cellular transmission or local wireless collection. 
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  • High accuracy current readings (1% from 0.1 to 400 amps)
  • Measures all 3 phases at once
  • Ideal in locations with limited space (e.g. inside enclosures)

Third-Party Sensors

Awesense works with other manufacturers to TGI-enable their devices and provide additional sources of in-grid data.

Schneider Electric LV110 energy sensor

Schneider Electric LV110 energy sensor

  • Compact design for low voltage cabinets
  • 2% accuracy from 10 to 630A
  • Wireless, self supplied
  • Stores live feeder load profiles (typ. 1-minute U, I, P, Q samples, energy indexes)


Our list of "out-of-the-box" supported devices is always growing so please get in touch if you have questions.

Even if a device is not supported out of the box, Awesense can build interfaces between TGI to maximize the amount of in-grid data available.


Awesense Services

Awesense works closely with your utility to integrate data sources, prioritize risky grid segments and launch your system.

Awesense Services

Awesense works closely with your utility to integrate data sources, prioritize risky grid segments and launch your system.

Working Together

Awesense works with distribution utilities in North America, Eastern Europe, and Africa to implement the TGI system. Our data scientists, engineers and project managers are dedicated to integrating TGI with your existing systems and providing value as quickly as possible. We work together with your teams to combine our experience and best practices with your local grid knowledge.

Every utility has its own unique characteristics - and TGI works best when it has access to these parameters. We provide training to your staff so they can get the most out of the system and we offer on-going support to ensure TGI continues to reduce losses and deliver value.


Proven Results

In many cases, Awesense begins with a proof of concept phase to demonstrate the effectiveness of TGI prior to a full deployment. We will work with your team to jointly execute the TGI performance cycle until objectives are met and your team is fully trained and self-sufficient.

TGI is delivered as a cloud-based Saas offering, so there is no IT infrastructure overhead. 

  • We integrate data from various sources such as grid topology data (typically from a GIS system), power flow data (typically from a SCADA system), and risk data (such as tamper flags, customer type, historical consumption, etc.).
  • We combine your local expertise with our best practices to develop a powerful risk model.
  • We provide training to ensure that your team develops mastery of their TGI methodology and tools.
  • We work with your team to iterate through the TGI performance cycle to narrow in on cases of greatest interest. 
  • We provide a project management plan that details the activities required to stay on track and meet your goals. 




Awesense provides software training to ensure your team develops mastery of their TGI installation:

  • Creation of risk models
  • Creation of  investigation plans
  • Validation of investigation plans
  • Analysis of investigation results and creation of reports

We also supply training to field investigators on TGI sensors:

  • Configuration and preparation of sensors
  • Maintenance of sensors
  • Deployment of sensors, including use of supporting software and accessories
  • Retrieval of sensors

Customer Support

Your success with the TGI system is our highest priority. We offer support via telephone and email and can assist our customers in a range of languages:

Call us at 1-888-868-4607
or 604-259-2850